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This little known high speed computing company is positioned for growth

Acceleware (TSXV:AXE) is virtually one of a kind when it comes to the tremendous potential for growth. The company has faced many adversities over the last couple of years,  this due to the global crisis that we are just now starting to show signs of recovery from. AXE is in the technology sector and has a proprietary technology that is quite unique. They have proven they are capable of speeding up many computing needs by 100% to 200% with as high as 500% increase in computing speed.

Areas of Expertise

Successful HPC solutions by definition are the product of a number of technologies combined together to create an integrated, highly functioning single platform. Acceleware has deep experience that focuses on several key areas:
  • Accelerating the ‘Hard’ Parallel Problems Acceleware CUDA Courses
    • Some applications are relatively easy to run in parallel. These embarrassingly parallel problems do not require particular expertise and are able to run simply by scheduling the jobs out to different processors. However problems that do not lend themselves to simplistic parallelization are faced with a crisis as the industry moves to a multi-core world. These ‘Hard” parallel problems are where Acceleware’s unique experience in designing successful solutions for algorithms and/or applications provide tremendous value to your project.
  • Accelerating the ‘Whole’ Problem
    • Acceleration examples of 100x or 200x speed-ups are commonly publicized. However these examples generally only focus on a narrow part of the entire problem and do not take into account issues like compute intensive initialization, pre/post-processing or I/O bottlenecks. Acceleware provides acceleration value to the entire solution stack because what really matters is how long the entire problem takes to solve, not just one part of it!
  • Programming Languages and 3rd Party Tool Experience
    • CUDA/OpenCL – Acceleware launched the industries first commercial CUDA solution and we have subsequently ported and built several CUDA products that run in production environments with Fortune 500 companies.
    • OpenGL – Acceleware delivered the first general purpose commercial GPU acceleration product on OpenGL and continues to lead the way.
    • C++, Fortran
    • MPI, OpenMP, Boost (pThreads), Intel MKL
    • General scientific and HPC programming environments
  • Acceleware is developing and selling 16 node (equals 64 GPUs with 15,360 processing cores) clusters of GPUs with Infiniband in the market today. If your problem is large, look to Acceleware as the solution in creating scalable solutions to meet any need.

Oil & Gas Solutions

Acceleware Oil and Gas SolversAcceleware is leading the market in providing acceleration solutions for seismic data processing and reservoir simulation. By combining our core knowledge in parallelization and optimization of complex algorithms with an in-house team of seismic industry experts, Acceleware provides software solutions for seismic data processors which access the massively parallel capabilities of compute GPUs. The Acceleware seismic processing solutions provide multi-fold performance increases to reduce lengthy processing times and deliver faster business decisions for the seismic industry. By harnessing the parallel processing power of GPU accelerators to dramatically increase the computation power of data centers, seismic jobs are processed faster and with a reduced total cost of IT ownership.

Acceleware Integrated Solutions

The Acceleware RTM and KTM libraries are available through these leading software vendors in the Oil & Gas industry:

Reverse Time Migration


Acceleware integrated Solutions - Paradigm Echos
Paradigm is the world’s largest transnational technology company exclusively focused on the development and deployment of subsurface software solutions for the global oil and gas industry.
Paradigm™ Echos™
Effective seismic processing systems require high levels of interactivity, flexibility, stability and scalability to accommodate different seismic acquisitions, exploration and development objectives, users, and project data starting points. The Paradigm Echos seismic processing system meets these needs with an open, problem-solving and results-oriented solution.
More about the Echos™ Solution at


Acceleware integrated Solutions - Tsunami RTM
Tsunami is a Houston based developer of seismic migration software and imaging tools designed to take advantage of low cost linux cluster.
Tsunami - RTM
Until recently RTM was impractical due to high computation costs, and only companies with huge clusters could afford to run the algorithm. Now, you can add the newest technology in imaging to your software arsenal.
More about Tsunamis RTM Solution at

Kirchhoff Time Migration


Acceleware integrated Solutions - Techco Summig
Techo is a Calgary based developer of specialized seismic processing applications with an emphasis on land data. They have produced 2D and 3D processing software since the mid 1980s.
Techco - Summig for KTM
AxKTM for SUMMIG is an accelerated version of Techco Geophysical Services SUMMIG seismic processing software. SUMMIG is a full-featured Kirchhoff Time Migration including 2D or 3D data, migration from topography, stack or offset gather output, percentage stacks, parallel execution across multiple architectures, and more. Other features include:
  • 2D or 3D data may be migrated
  • Handles poststack or prestack data
  • Optional anti-alias filtering
  • Optional migration from topography
  • Migration to select output locations
  • Can produce a stack or common offset gathers on output
  • ...and much more

Acceleware is bringing innovation to the imaging community by accelerating image reconstruction with Acceleware’s AxRecon™ solution. We dramatically increase the speed of the intensive computations required by today's technology to examine complex diagnostic images
Image reconstruction is a way to generate three dimensional images from a series of X-ray projections.
The imaging community is often faced with the challenge of the development and implementation of today’s limited imaging technology. Treatment planning technology requires repetitive time-consuming calculations that create a burden on the healthcare system.
Acceleware’s software solution – AxRecon – integrates several features and benefits to accelerate image reconstruction and speed up the complex computations required. Acceleware provides access to the massively parallel, multithreaded compute resources of GPUs. GPUs
  • Faster Image Reconstruction Speed
    Unleash productivity and innovation by completing image reconstructions in record time. Begin to analyze your data sooner with near real time results.
  • No Loss of Image Quality
    Massive parallel capabilities of the Acceleware AxRecon solution provide ample computational power to eliminate any need for reduced image fidelity.
  • Increase Compute Density
    AxRecon is an energy saving desktop supercomputer with the capability of a cluster, right at your desk.
  • Quality Engineered Products
    Have confidence in products that are functionally and extensively stress-tested by the world’s largest manufacturer of GPU technology, NVIDIA®.
  • Seamless Application Integration
    The AxRecon solution easily integrates with your existing imaging platforms for a simple and quick upgrade process.
  • Return on Investment
    Gain increase in productivity by putting time saving processing power in the hands of the imaging team.

Features and Benefits

Feature: Supercomputer in a deskside form factor
Benefit: Flexibility of having a supercomputer on demand - no need to schedule the use of a cluster
Feature: Organize your job batch
Benefit: Manage your reconstruction queue and get your priority jobs completed first
Feature: Increase compute density and power savings
Benefit: AxRecon is a desktop solution with the power of a cluster
Feature: Significantly faster throughput with no loss of quality
Benefit: Faster job completion will prevent you from missing important deadlines due to unavoidable backlog
Have faster workflow without any compromises in image quality.

This is only a sampling of just how indepth this companies technology is. Now that Acceleware has completed their arrangement in regards to restructuring they have emerged as a company that is poised to realize potentially an immense amount of growth going forward.

Since I first alerted on this stock it has risen from $0.05 per share to $0.08, representing a rise of 60%. In my opinion this is just the beginning for this company. I encourage everyone who is interested in this company to do your due diligence. An excellent place to start is the company website at and by visiting .

For disclosure purposes I have received no compensation of any kind for this post. I own shares in AXE and intend to possibly add more shares to my current position in the near future.

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