Friday, May 20, 2011

AMD announces a new collaboration with Acceleware

Acceleware (TSXV:AXE) is a Canadian based technology company, headquartered in Calgary, AB. They recently completed a deal, which although was complex in design, saw Acceleware basically set to restructure the company. After being hit hard with the global recession that caused many companies to fall by the wayside, this was a strategic move by management. One factor of this arrangement was that Acceleware would gain $900,000 in non-dilutive financing. This money will go for several uses, which include accelerating its product development efforts, to increase its marketing and sales presence in its target markets, and for general working capital purposes.

Microsoft has worked in conjunction with Acceleware in the past, presenting classes to provide comprehensive learning opportunities for GPU programmers using NVIDIA's CUDA language while adding detailed instruction on Microsoft's Windows HPC Server 2008 and Visual Studio 2010. Attendees experience a combination of classroom lectures and hands-on assignments that focus on how to optimise their algorithms to achieve the maximum performance potential from the unique capabilities of the GPU. The courses are held in Microsoft training facilities with a dedicated CUDA enabled laptop for each student to ensure a top quality training environment.

With the ever increasing interest in this technology it should not be surprising to see the latest news from Acceleware. This is a link that will take you to the news release of May 11, 2011

I think it is fair to view this as a big step for Acceleware as they continue to expand their business in all directions, and these training sessions have proven to be quite successful. I continue to see this company constantly pushing forward, as their web site states,

Leverage the Multi-Core Advantage

Acceleware provides High Performance Computing software solutions to the Oil & Gas and Computer Engineering markets for multi-core CPUs and compute GPUs. Additionally, our HPC consulting services are utilized by enterprises needing to harness the power of parallel computing. At Acceleware the goal is always the same – Go Faster!

For disclosure purposes I have received no compensation of any kind for this post. I currently own shares in Acceleware and have intentions of buying more.

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