Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Acceleware Ltd has the potential to surpass many competitors

Acceleware Ltd (TSXV:AXE) is a company that has recently undergone a planned arrangement involving the restructuring of the company. This may make some people nervous, but upon closer examination, I think most people will come away with a much more positive attitude. This is a company that has not achieved the huge size of many companies they may compete against, but they have not only remained ever present in one of the most competitive industries, they have gone on to attract partners who are huge in this field. They have also gone on to attract some very big names in the course of their sales efforts, as we will see by the impressive list of customers that rely on Acceleware to help them reach their individual goals.

As we have seen with the personal computers that we use daily, there is always a newer technology available. This stands true for HPC computing just as much if not more so. Acceleware has managed to stay quite reliably near the forefront of it's competitors. This is noted in this article by HPC Projects, This of course can extremely beneficial to the many unique fields or industries that utilize HPC computing. Whether this technology is used for faster results by a company who is attempting to interpret seismic information, in order to determine the most likely target to drill, or if it were to be used by a medical scientific research team to accelerate computation times, in an effort to find a treatment or cure for a known issue, this clearly is a vastly valuable technology to process.

Industry-Leading Partner
We're proud to be collaborating with NVIDIA® Corporation, the worldwide leader in programmable graphics processor technologies in bringing award-winning, innovative products for computing into the hands of professionals around the world. In January, 2007 NVIDIA, one of the largest graphics card manufacturers in the world - formed a strategic partnership with Acceleware with a $3M CDN investment in the company.
"The investment reflects our ongoing commitment and enthusiasm toward the ecosystem of high performance computing based on GPU technologies," says Jeff Herbst, Vice President of Business Development at NVIDIA. "We have the highest regard for Acceleware and its management team, and believe they will quickly emerge as leaders in the GPU Computing revolution."
Bundled Technology
Working closely with NVIDIA, we've developed a suite of software tools, or solvers, designed to accelerate the computation of complex equations for the electromagnetic simulation and geophysical markets. Combining NVIDIA Tesla GPUs with our acceleration software provides unparalleled performance and reliability when accelerating software applications such as cell phone design, seismic data processing, printed circuit board design, drug discovery, nanophotonic communications device design, reservoir simulation and lithography mask design.
"Our customers, including every cell phone manufacturer in the world, see the value in using NVIDIA GPUs with Acceleware's GPU-accelerated solver, to speed up their time to market," said Dr. Nicolas Chavannes, Director Software for Schmid and Partner Engineering AG (SPEAG). "The level of computing performance now achievable with CUDA-enabled GPUs will positively impact our customers' bottom lines."
Find out more: NVIDIA Website

This article by PCMag, brings us to the reality that Nvidia has released what has been called "the world's fastest parallel processor for high performance computing.,2817,2385577,00.asp

How much these companies can continue to support the growth, that inevitably has contributed to the success they have shared so far, remains to be seen. Judging from their history to date I can only suggest that in all likely-hood they will continue to complement each other quite well, as they have done for some time now.

This is only scratching at the surface, as to just what and how big, the potential of Acceleware truly is. I would suggest that if this company interests you, please go to their website which is located at Everyone should be responsible for their own due diligence.

For disclosure purposes I have received no compensation of any kind for this post. I do own shares of Acceleware.

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