About Me

I got started into the world of stocks with a real desire to accomplish picking successful stocks. I quickly learned just how difficult this could be. After an exhaustive amount of months and years I learned there is a system that works. I cannot claim that every pick is a winner, as this simply put, is not possible. There is however, a multitude of ways in which various people, pick what stocks they believe give oneself the highest chance of being successful. As is the case with most people who have figured out a system that they feel is worthy of sharing with others, I do not share the actual methodology behind my picks in full detail. I do show you the basics of what would draw my attention to a particular companies stock. I welcome all inquiries and will endeavour to answer all questions in an expedient manner. Please remember that this blog contains my viewpoint on all stocks I mention, so if you disagree that is your right. Comments are welcomed and encouraged, although anything stronger than constructive criticism is discouraged. I intend to provide a honest look at any stock I happen to mention and will refuse to become engaged with any argumentative people.