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Graphene continues to hold tremendous potential for Focus Metals

Focus Metals (TSXV:FMS)(OTCQX:FCSMF) holds 100% ownership of its Lac Knife, Quebec, 17% carbon grade medium and large flake crystalline graphite.
The property, some 35 kilometers south of Fermont, Quebec, is at the pre-development stage with infrastructure, surface mining and primary processing (95% grade) facility construction activities planned for completion by 2013. A secondary enrichment and refining facility capable of producing technology-grade, 99.9% graphite is scheduled for commissioning in 2014.

Graphite is a product that has been used for many years now, but traditionally graphite has been used in pencils, brake and clutch linings, lubrication products, in refractory ladle's which are used in the making of steel, and in the electrodes used in electric arc furnaces used to melt steel for recycling, amongst other uses. With the progression of technology we now see many more uses for graphite, but the one that has the entire world's attention is a product from graphite, and this product is called graphene.

Graphene is taken from graphite, which is made up of weakly bonded layers of carbon.

Graphene is composed of carbon atoms arranged in tightly bound hexagons just one atom thick.

Three million sheets of graphene on top of each other would be 1mm thick.

The band structure of graphite was first theorised and calculated by P.R. Wallace in 1947, though for it to exist in the real world was thought impossible.

Due to the timing of this discovery, some conspiracy theorists have linked it to materials at the Roswell “crash site”.

In 2004, teams including Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov demonstrated that single layers could be isolated, resulting in the award of the Nobel Prize for Physics in 2010.

It is this new knowledge that has brought the entire world's gaze directly onto graphene and just what amazing new breakthroughs it might hold for the world remains to be discovered. The amount of current graphene research being done currently on a global basis is extremely difficult to say, but it is easily into the tens of billions of dollars. Obviously science has recognized the impact that graphene could have on life as we know it. However, graphene has not only garnered interest from the science community, but it has also brought industries from any number of sectors rushing into the research directed at what possibilities graphene may hold for each of the involved sectors of industry. Graphene is currently being researched for almost anything you can imagine, including mobile phone's that are bendable and nearly unbreakable, or for medical uses which would help to diagnose diseases, and a nearly endless list of other potential uses. Some of this research may one day come with a breakthrough, but others are already very close it seems. The ability of graphene to replace silicon is one that has brought giants such as IBM into the graphene research circle.

Another item that got my attention was the possible use of graphene in Li-ion batteries,
The latest claims being made, hold enormous potential for this type of battery, and considering the tremendous urging by governments to reach the goal of having several million electric vehicles on the road over the next few years, this is truly a major breakthrough.

As I have already stated, the sheer amount of financing being made available to researchers in regards to graphene research is almost beyond comprehension. In the UK, home of Manchester University where graphene was actually born, the government has stated they are investing 50 million pounds,
In yet more reports of investments being made towards graphene research I found these,
and these are but just a sampling of what is being invested.

So what is so special about graphene that warrants all this global attention? It seems that this simple question would be a lengthy one, if I was to attempt to cover all the possibilities that science and industry potentially see, but these articles may help to give some insight,

I feel absolutely sure that graphene will live up to the statement, "graphene - the wonder material that will change life as we know it", and we will not have that long to wait, in my opinion, for some of these breakthroughs to become entrenched in our lives, while of course some may be quite awhile before they are brought to market. If we look at the past, we will notice that in all instances that bronze went through the same type of growing pains, as did steel and plastic. As much as these materials all changed life as we knew it at that time, so will graphene become the next material, that will undoubtedly change our lives going forward.

I believe that Focus Metals has positioned themselves very strategically in their bid to become a financially dominant company in the graphite/graphene space. The fact that they have a deposit such as Lac Knife is obviously a positive, although the graphene joint venture they have entered into, which is now called Grafoid Inc., will bring tremendous value to the company looking forward.
The amount of added value, that Focus Metals will realize from Grafoid Inc., is difficult to state with certainty. This is not because of concerns about Grafoid's ability to produce added value, it is fully expected that Grafoid will bring much value to the table. Grafoid is structured so that they will be applying for patents to cover all proprietary technologies and products. As this research at Grafoid is proven, and the company begins to sell or license technologies and/or products, it is quite feasible to foresee tremendous value connected with this joint venture.

I realize that if you follow all the links I have provided here, this will be a very in-depth look at the subject of graphene, and yet in reality, there is so much more going on behind closed doors it leaves one almost overwhelmed at just how large this one atom thick material will become as technology continues to advance.
My suggestions to anyone who may be considering Focus Metals as an investment choice is to do your own due diligence. An excellent place to start would be the company website, which can be found at It is my opinion that Focus Metals is just beginning a very long and extremely profitable journey. As was stated earlier, Focus Metals is in a pre-production status as yet, but there is a tremendous drive from management to bring this company through the required process, and to ultimately bring an above normal value to both Focus Metals and to their shareholders.

For disclosure purposes I have received no compensation of any kind for this post, and all views contained herein are my own. I do own shares of Focus Metals.

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