Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Acceleware is proving they are not just another run-of-the-mill company

Well it's good to be back from a few weeks of vacation. While I was away I have noticed that I had many readers who continued to visit my blog, in my absence. I would like to sincerely thank all those who have continued to read my writings.

While I was away Acceleware (TSXV:AXE) has released some very good news in the form of a partnership deal that has been reached between Bull SA and Acceleware. The purpose of this partnership is to deliver a combined solution of Bull Extreme Computing platforms and Acceleware’s multi-core accelerated seismic solutions to customers in the EMEA Oil & Gas markets. The partnership will provide Bull customers streamlined access to Acceleware GPU software, multi-core consulting services and training offerings. The effect of this type of partnership should be obvious in that it will bring an increased value to both companies and especially to those companies that use this newest offering of this technology. This increased value will come from the superb ability of Bull being able to provide more software offerings with better overall performance to their clients. Bull is definitely known, not only as one of Europe's most prestigious IT companies, but as a result of their commitment to this technology, Bull has made Extreme Computing one of its key strategic priorities.  Within a few years, Bull has won over 200 customers in 15 countries across 3 continents. Bull has a proven track record of building Extreme Computing systems for prestigious academic and industry customers, most notably in France, Germany, UK, Spain, Netherlands and Brazil. With coverage of this nature, in what would appear to be quite possibly the world's next areas of focus, this should be news that will continue to bring Acceleware the opportunity to expand into markets they previously had little connection with. Acceleware has gone the distance in proving that the technology the possess is worthy of teaming up with a comany like Bull, and I expect this will continue to blossom for some time to come for both companies. http://www.acceleware.com/press_release/bull-and-acceleware-announce-partnership-deliver-unified-hardware-software-experience

Also of particular note, is the news that Acceleware, while attending SEG in San Antonio, TX, has showcased the major release of TTI AxRTM. It was available to be viewed at their booth at the SEG.
As most of us are aware, the decisions that are required to be made by most companies in respect to their quest to find more and better oil/gas fields, has led them into ever-increasingly more difficult geological settings. I believe we will see more demand for this newest technology, since many companies are faced with such complex geologies to deal with, and this will in turn off-set the expensive cost of this technology. This is brought to light by Darren Foltinek, Seismic Imaging Product Manager at Acceleware in this excerpt, "TTI RTM brings the advanced imaging capabilities required to deliver high quality images in complex geologies – especially in deep water sub-salt reservoirs – however, the cost being one of the most computationally expensive seismic imaging methods in the industry today,” said Darren Foltinek, Seismic Imaging Product Manager at Acceleware. “AxRTM dramatically improves the economics of TTI RTM by combining industry validated geophysics with Acceleware’s extensive high performance computing techniques and expertise, making it accessible to a broad range of seismic exploration professionals.” http://www.acceleware.com/press_release/acceleware-showcases-major-release-tti-axrtm-seg-san-antonio

Considering that just over a month ago, Paradigm™ (www.pdgm.com) announced that Fugro (www.fugro.com) has selected the Paradigm Reverse Time Migration to meet its challenging depth imaging objectives. Reverse Time Migration is a preferred solution for imaging of seismic data in areas affected by complex wave phenomena, such as those encountered in the deep waters of Gulf of Mexico in the presence of salt structures. This all bodes extremely well for Acceleware looking forward in my opinion, and apparently with the consistent insider buying being done at market price, insiders seem to have a similar view.

I believe Acceleware has made huge steps in carrying out the plan as presented by management, previous to the re-structuring agreement, and that management is quite capable of taking Acceleware to the next level. Actually, at this point I would not be surprised to see Acceleware skip a level or two and step squarely onto center stage of the global platform for this type of technology. I have addressed some of the companies that Acceleware has aligned themselves with in the past, and I have found most of these relationships are very intact and healthy. Now that we are experiencing management starting to expand as they had stated they would, it is with relative ease that I expect Acceleware to begin gaining momentum, both from a business standpoint, and also from a value standpoint in regard to their stock.

There is lots happening this year yet that can allow for more interesting news. Starting Oct. 11-14, Acceleware will be presenting yet another CUDA training class in conjunction with Microsoft. This session will be made available at Los Angeles, CA, USA. Following this will find Acceleware in Seoul, South Korea, where they will be joined with their partners SPEAG and Dymstec, as they attend
SEMCAD  X Korea 2011 Workshop. This workshop takes place on Oct. 18, and will afford those who attend to learn about the newest features in Electromagnetic modeling and GPU acceleration. Acceleware will then be off to Frankfurt, Germany for another CUDA course, again offered in conjunction with Microsoft. The dates for this course offering are Nov 1-4. Then on Nov. 12-18 comes Supercomputing 2011, which will be held in Seattle, WA, USA. The SC Conference is the premier international conference for high performance computing (HPC), networking, storage and analysis.

As you can see, Acceleware is definitely staying very busy, and in talking with management, they seem to have a very deep-seated commitment and dedication, to continue building and expanding the parameters that Acceleware has had thus far. I sincerely do not expect that Acceleware will remain at these levels regarding their share price.

For disclosure purposes I have received no compensation for this post or my views. I do own shares in Acceleware.

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