Friday, July 15, 2011

Focus Metals continues to deliver on promises

Focus Metals - (TSXV:FMS)(OTCQX:FCSMF) has had a few changes in the last few days. One change that should stand out is the fact that Focus Metals has received approval to begin trading on the OTC exchange. It should be noted that the OTCQX exchange is the highest tier of the three available tiers. This will allow Focus Metals to potentially attract many new investors.

For those who might not realize it, Focus Metals has launched their new website. This came into effect July 14, 2001, and is in my opinion, a site that is very user friendly, as well as containing more information than the old site. Many people had been requesting that a new website was in order, and CEO Gary Economo had stated that this was something the company would take under advisement. It was then decided that a new website was in order. This is one more example of just how in-tune the management team attempts to be with shareholders.
The website can be found at the same address,
I find this new website addresses some of the more recent concerns and also gives good direction in where management is attempting to take Focus Metals. This all adds to the potential that this company has had all along, and continues to build on that potential.

Another decision that I think is crucial, considering the amount of activity at the Lac Knife project, as well as at Kwyjibo, is the announcement of the opening of a field office in Quebec. This only stands to reason both from a time management standpoint as well as the monetary costs involved with flying people back and forth from the project to the office in Ottawa. The fact that the Ottawa office will be moving to a more central location in the city is also a positive in my opinion. As reported the cost of the the premise will be shared with other junior exploration companies, and is one more decision in which management has endeavored to keep costs as low as possible in my opinion.

As we look forward through the coming summer months, I anticipate that Gary and the rest of the team will continue to deliver on the promise that they have the shareholders interest at heart. To date this project has progressed at a very fast pace, and although we all enjoy when a stock rises with the speed that Focus Metals has over the last year, it is not realistic to expect that there will not be some issues that stall that progress. As was mentioned, by Mr. Economo, there are some things that are beyond managements control. For those who are investing in this as a long-term investment I see absolutely nothing that would indicate anything other than this company's huge potential. Although there have been delays in some areas, I see nothing that indicates that any fundamental changes have occurred with Focus Metals, and that management has delivered on everything they have stated they would.

Of particular interest is the statement by Mr.Economo, "With a view to building and consolidating our flake graphite mineral holdings, Focus Metals is continuing early discussions with a number of potential domestic and international operators to acquire their properties.
The aim of any potential acquisitions is multifold: to build Focus into a major graphite player; to generate cash flows, and; to secure new sources of product to supply future technology demand."
This is a very strategic decision, in my opinion, since the future of graphite appears to be on an uptrend in terms of demand, which correlates directly to the increase in graphite prices. Expectations are that this increase in demand will remain constant for a considerable time. Any acquisitions carried out by Focus Metals would only help to solidify their position as a major supplier of graphite globally. This being said, I view this as just one more point where the management is displaying there un-ending quest to bring the most value forward by attempting to position Focus Metals at the forefront of the graphite sector.

I would like to remind you at this point, that Focus Metals has what could potentially be, almost a license to print money. Yes, I am referring to the joint venture that was announced February 23, 2011.
The potential of what this joint venture could hold, in terms of financial benefit, is staggering. Graphene has reached a point where a multitude of researchers are anxious to do research with graphene. 
Not only is graphene selling for up to as much as 10 times what graphite sells for, but the licensing of proprietary knowledge and products, from this joint venture, stands to leave Focus Metals positioned to benefit greatly. Just one more point, where the management of Focus Metals is striving to bring the most value to shareholders.

For disclosure purposes I have received no compensation of any kind for this post. I do own shares in Focus Metals.

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