Monday, May 9, 2011

Possible breakthrough in the use of graphene for superfast transistors

Focus Metals (TSXV:FMS) would be a wealthy recipient if this new breakthrough proves to be the answer to one of the biggest problems facing the use of graphene in the production of superfast graphene transistors. Below is an excerpt from an article on New Scientist Tech and is followed by a link to the article in it's entirety.
But Moktadir reckons he has discovered a third way to get graphene switching more efficiently. By making a normally flat transistor similar to a U-shape, but with corners instead of a curve at the bottom, he has found that he can switch it off entirely, increasing the current on/off ratio thousandfold. "We are still trying to explain why it's happening, but we attribute it to the corners," he says.

The implications here are enormous at the very least. With the ability of FMS to produce 50,000 tonnes per year of graphite, as is currently being looked at as a likely production figure from the companies Lac Knife project, this could translate into a company with a value that is beyond everyones expectations. Obviously there is much needed research into this field but as this article points out, steps are being made, and these steps are more to likened to leaps and bounds.

For disclosure purposes I have received no compensation of any kind for this post. I currently own shares in FMS and may buy more in the near future.

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