Wednesday, April 13, 2011

This company could see a poosible rise in price

This is one of the companies that I have been studying lately and I have taken a position in. The company name is Stealth Minerals (TSXV:SML) and they have several things that are appealing. One thing that caught my eye was the huge amount of insider buying that has occurred lately. It is always a nice sign when you see insiders buying and in this case they are buying several hundred thousand shares at a time and all this on the open market which means they are paying the same price any of the rest of us would.

The area of the Toodoggone is northwest of Mackenzie BC and is also in the same area as several other mines both past and present. The management feels that there is significant potential in this area and I would have to agree. Another aspect that is nice is the fact that this particular project is located in such an area that there is a low probability of environmental concerns in respect to fish habitat. This can be a huge problem in some cases such as the Taseko Mines rejection of their application for their mine this last year.

Stealth Minerals is joint ventured with BCGold (TSXV:BCG) in a 50/50 partnership. The company has plans at present to actively persue exploration efforts on this project this year.

While I have taken a position in this I will also state that this is a highly speculative investment at this point and the risk should be considered high. I took a position because I had some of my money available to invest in high risk investments and I truly believe the potential here is relatively good. If the company does hit good results this will rise fairly quickly but on the flip side of that coin it could go against us if the drill does not find the resources.

Everyone please do your own due diligence and invest accordingly.

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