Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Shaping up to be a somewhat similar day for many stocks again today

There are not as many bargain prices as there were yesterday but many are still very nicely priced for anyone wanting to enter. Of course there are a few that are just running away the last couple of trading sessions. Probably the one that stands out the most would be Intertainment (TSXV:INT). This tiny little tech company has struggled for quite some time but looks like it has finally paid off. The price has risen from a 52 week low of $0.08 to an all time high of $3.45 at one point in this mornings trading. It seems that there are many people taking some profits off the table now as the price has drifted down to about the $2.66 level at the time of this writing.

Again I view today as a nice buying day as many stocks are experiencing a trading pattern that I believe leaves them oversold. If a person has already done their due diligence on any companies they would like to enter then days like this are what we like to help us make as low of an entry as possible. Obviously the lower one can enter the higher the profit when it does start gaining. Always be careful not to let greed weigh too heavily on your entry point as greed will tend to make you wait until the price has already started back up. Once this happens, many people will wait hoping the price will come back to where it was, only to find themselves chasing the price. Trying to time a perfect entry is extremely difficult to say the least if not impossible.

I have some previous engagements for today so I will do my best to publish another post later today. In the meantime I hope everyone keeps a vigilant eye on companies that you may want to get entered into and I wish everyone the best of luck with all your investment choices.

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