Friday, April 8, 2011

A quick look at some of the stocks I have picked recently

When I say recently I would consider anything in the last eight months or so with some of these picks falling into nearly a year ago. Today Copper Fox (TSXV:CUU) is enjoying a $0.19 increase for an approximately 7.5% gain at the time of this writing. This leaves CUU at a current price of $2.71. Another company enjoying some upward movement is Copper Mountain (TSXV:CUM). This company was picked a little before the mentioned time of eight months ago. Copper Mtn. has shown some resistance at or around the $8.00 area but today looks like it could quite possibly be our breakthrough to the next leg up. Presently CUM is showing an increase of $0.26 for a 3.34% increase leaving them with a share price of $8.05. One company that has performed quite solidly for me is Avalon Rare Metals (TSX:AVL) and today it continues it's continuing climb. So far today AVL has experienced an increase of $0.35 or 3.83% rise leaving them with a share price of $9.47. These are only some of the companies I am involved with and for everyone's information I do hold a position in all of the above mentioned companies and have no intention of liquidating any of these holdings in the next 72 hours.

Looking forward there are many wonderful opportunities I am doing due diligence on. Once I am convinced if I personally would invest I will endeavor to bring some of these to light. As my disclaimer states please do your own DD on any stocks you may be thinking of investing in. If in doubt then one should seek the help of a licensed professional.

I will try my best to get another post out over the weekend and until then take care and I wish everyone Happy and Prosperous Trading!!

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