Saturday, April 16, 2011

A look back over the past week

Well it sure has been a busy week, and with several companies either expecting news or other possible catalysts that may stir some movement in the share price I expect it could keep me busy watching all these, plus continuing to look for even more possibilities.

Stealth Minerals  (TSXV:SML) saw an increase up about one and a half cents but has returned to its previous level. This does not surprise me as this is a longer term plan here I believe. The Toodoggone area, which is where SML is planning on doing exploration work this year, will not be accessed until late June to July of this year according to the last time I talked to CEO Mr. Bill McWilliam. I still see this project holding an immense amount of potential, but this project is only just beginning. That being said this truly could go either way, although with the exploration coupled with the fact that there are existing and historical mines in this area suggests that chances are good for the discovery of more resources. Another thing that is noteworthy is the fact that management has bought 1,880,000 shares on the open market between Sept 14, 2010 and Jan 20, 2011. Anytime management buys this many shares it is a good show of faith, and in this case all these shares were purchased by the CEO. The management holds much more than this in total so I would view this as a positive aspect. I would assume we may have a while to see significant moves, but for those who get in at these levels, one could expect to see huge returns if the company has a successful drilling program. For those of you wanting to look at Stealth their website is

White Tiger Mining has seen a huge run up in share price over the past two weeks. The share price was only $0.30 about two weeks ago and at closing on Fri. it closed at $0.80, and this is after reaching as high as  $0.98 in intraday trading one day. The company could be on the verge of discovering a mammoth size deposit. The length of mineralization in the cores from the first two holes in this phase of drilling are outstanding to say the least. Presently the company is awaiting assay results from the lab as to the grade. If these results are stellar this company could be prepared to climb exponentially. Some of the reasons why this company could really lift off is the market cap at present is a mere  $8.7m, add in the fact that there are only approx 15m shares fully diluted and you have a recipe for a company that could reach multiple dollars extremely quickly. The management is well experienced and the area of the Marshall Lake project, which is currently where they are drilling, falls into an area that is described as a possible candidate for a deposit similar to those found in the Noranda Mining Camp. Here is some history on the Noranda Mining camp.
The Noranda mining district is one of Canada’s nation builders, having been the key for opening up northern Quebec for economic expansion and regional development. Over an 85-year period, 20 economic volcanogenic massive sulphide (VMS) deposits have been discovered by prospecting, geological, geophysical and lithogeochemical techniques. Besides VMS deposits, the Noranda District is also host to 19 orogenic Au deposits and several intrusion-hosted Cu-Mo deposits and occurrences. VMS deposits of the Noranda District occur in the Noranda formation of the Archean Blake River Group of the Abitibi Subprovince. The majority of deposits are hosted within the Noranda Cauldron, an asymmetric volcanic depression filled with effusive basalt and basaltic andesite flows and subordinate rhyolite flowdome complexes. The Noranda Cauldron is floored by a large, multiphase subvolcanic intrusive complex that is hypothesized to be the heat engine responsible for development of much of the VMS and porphyry mineralization in the district. The VMS deposits are hosted by two distinct lithofacies, flow and volcaniclastic, where volcaniclastic includes primary pyroclastic deposits, and those that are re-deposited and syneruptive. Of the 20 past producing VMS deposits, 17 are hosted by flows (8 with mafic and 9 with felsic flows) whereas volcaniclastic rocks host the Horne, Bouchard- Hebert and Corbet deposits. The largest massive sulphide deposits occur within the felsic volcaniclastic strata at the margins of or directly overlying the Noranda Cauldron. The Noranda VMS deposits typify the bimodal-mafic type, where the majority of the host stratigraphy is composed of a mafic volcanic flow succession in which discrete felsic dome complexes are situated over major synvolcanic faults. These fault systems are also defined within the Noranda Cauldron by discrete dyke swarms originating from the underlying subvolcanic intrusive complex. The inferred primitive rifted arc environment  typical of this deposit-type is best characterized by a large volcanic edifice within the present-day Kermadec and Tonga-Fiji suprasubduction tectonic zone of the western Pacific.
Overall this company is quite possibly about to uncover a deposit of the magnitude that can really change not only the company but also the lives of those invested. The link to their website is I realize they have not had much movement of late and I attribute that to the fact most investors could be holding off to see just how this will affect the company once this restructuring starts and the company receives the $900,000.00 from this deal. Personally I already took a position in the company so as to maximize any upside.

Copper Fox had a very good day on Fri. closing at $2.43 for a gain of 2.97%. This company in my opinion is definitely destined to be one of the largest mines yet. The resources they have proven up todate are massive and with the province announcing the go-ahead on the power into that area it is very difficult to see much else in their future. One thing we must not do though is allow ourselves the luxury of simply considering it all a done deal. As everyone should be aware of there is always risk involved in any investment, but I do see the risks here to be minimized substantially. For the website of Copper Fox go to

Some people have been talking about the price of copper dropping further and I see this being possible but I do not see this being a long-term trend. Short-term a small pullback is possible, however with the continuing growth in China and with the rebuilding that will take place in Japan shortly, add this to the fact that the demand for copper has and is continuing to grow while the supply portion of this equation is dropping, and long-term I only see the price of copper climbing at this time.

Next week I plan to share at least one and possibly two silver plays. This is another metal that I see some huge possibility as to upside.I hope everyone has a great weekend and I look forward to sharing more with everybody next week.

For the purpose of declaration I have received no compensation of any kind for this post from anyone. I own shares in all of the companies mentioned in this post.

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