Thursday, April 14, 2011

Further to the post on TSXV:AXE

As was mentioned in the previous post Acceleware is starting into a period of restructuring. This is to be voted on at a directors meeting on April 26, 2011. While talking to management it seemed that this was expected to gain approval quite easily but as always one must wait for the final vote. This will leave Acceleware in a position to gain $900,000.00 which will be distributed in a number of ways. Some of this money will go towards keeping up with investor relations better, also a significant amount will be used to advance the company from a sales standpoint. Any attempt to boost sales that are already growing is obviously a positive.

The variety of sectors that the company has found where their proprietary technology and intellectual knowledge is quite large at present. Some of the companies that Acceleware deals with range from Paradigm in the oil and gas sector and their technology is used in nearly all cell phones. Another very critical use is in medical imaging. Some of the biggest companies in the world have come to trust and respect the technology that Acceleware offers along with their consultation services also. To name a few would include Lilly, Boston Scientific, Merck, U.S. Air force, Boeing, Loughheed Martin, Kodak, Telstra, LG, Samsung, Nokia, Motorola, RIM, and a multitude of others.

The company has experienced a very rough road over the last two years or more with the extreme global financial crisis that every company has felt. At the present levels I see Acceleware being poised to now take advantage of the conditions presented to them. Management  seems ready to take this company to the next level and with all that is happening right now I believe they stand a better than average chance to unlock the true value of this company. One must remember that companies of the size of Microsoft and Nvidia do not remain associated with what they perceive to be deadend companies.

This is obviously a high risk type investment and may not be suited for everyone but for myself the potential here is quite high in my opinion. As always please do your own due diligence before investing in any stock. A good place to start would be

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