Wednesday, April 20, 2011

An amazing day in regards to White Tiger Mining

I have spent many hours poring over the results contained in the news release and cannot see what would create people to literally stampede to the sell button. the grades that were reported are well within the grades that anyone would expect to see. This came as a complete surprise to myself and several others I have talked to today. I do know that this should have been a rally today on results that contained several sections of mineralization. In an effort to try and rationalize this reaction I would venture to say that, as can sometimes happen, too many people were hyping the stock up to unrealistic levels. It is nice to be a little excited, for lack of a better word, but when anyone becomes over enthused it can turn into basically what is known as a pumping mode. Now I do not like to treat any stock like that myself since it will climb just fine on its own when management releases good news. When people pump it up too much it can attract a lot of attention by either new investors or people who have no idea on the proper course of performing some due diligence. Unfortunately this can have extremely detrimental effects on the share price. This only becomes compounded when we are faced with a company with a share structure that is as low as this one is.

Looking forward I will say I believe that when the results for hole 23 are released we should be in a much more stable atmosphere. Also if we experience any similarities with hole 23 in regards to assay results that we saw in hole 21, I would expect the lower sections assayed should be just as high or higher in grade. According to the results released today the lower zone was the highest grade and since hole 23 was drilled even deeper than hole 21 we could see an even higher assay result at depth.

One thing I found encouraging was the support the share price displayed just before closing. I expect that WTC should rally back to near the same levels it was pre-news, in a relatively short time frame. If the results come in for hole 23 and show as good or better mineralization then I fully expect this to rally up and quickly. That being said I must remind everyone that as soon as you think that you have seen it all the market will throw one more curveball. So I will leave it up to everyone to decide if this play is for your own specific risk tolerance. Personally I sold none and as far as I have found up to the time of this post no insiders have sold anything. I will stand by my original thoughts that I believe this company is well worth looking at and doing due diligence on. This is probably not an investment for the feint of heart, and I do not say this because I have lost faith in the company, but rather because the volatility added to a company with such a low share float can display extreme fluctuations.

Everyone do your own due diligence before investing.and let's hope that tomorrow lets this stock regain it's rightful position. For those who are interested, these are probably good buying points right now. One other thing I should add is that the results were for hole 21 only and there are more results pending, not to mention that this drill program has a lot of drilling to happen yet.

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